Inquisitorial file #2: the case JEFF VADER

Hi followers! Today is the time for an other blog :         Here's the universe of Jeff Vader... A lot of you have ever seen a part of his fantastic work in this year january WD's Blanchitsu. many of his figures, if not all, really kick ass. From Warhammer 40 with Orks, Grey Knignts or dark eldars to Inq 28, this blog i oOne of the best I've ever seen.       Hi Johan and welcome to Legatho's workshop! My name is Johan Egerkrans (AKA "Jeff Vader") and I´m an... [Lire la suite]
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Inquisitorial file #1: the case KRAUTSCIENTIST

Hello all! Today, I'd like to present you one of my favorite blog :     Yep, "ETERNAL HUNT"... Why I love this blog? It's very simple.... When I discover it, I was looking for Khorne's berserks inspiration for conversions, and this blog is full of! But not only.. Inqu28, Blood Bowl, reviews... A real big part of the hobby is on this site. The happy owner of this blog's name is KrautScientist. Be warned, his work is very addictive.     Hi KrautScientist and welcome to Legatho's workshop! ... [Lire la suite]
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