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Yep, "ETERNAL HUNT"... Why I love this blog? It's very simple.... When I discover it, I was looking for Khorne's berserks inspiration for conversions, and this blog is full of! But not only.. Inqu28, Blood Bowl, reviews... A real big part of the hobby is on this site. The happy owner of this blog's name is KrautScientist. Be warned, his work is very addictive.




Hi KrautScientist and welcome to Legatho's workshop!

  Hey there! I am KrautScientist, 32 years old, from Germany. I’ve been in this insane little hobby of ours since the early 90s. Like many hobbyists, I got into wargaming/tabletop gaming by way of HeroQuest, then Space Crusade, 2nd edition 40k and Warhammer Fantasy. I took a longer break from the hobby during the latter half of the 2000s and got back in back in late 2010 with renewed interest – partly because of my cousin talking me into it, partly because I was in love with the – then brand new – Dark Eldar models. After getting back into the hobby, I discovered the awesome amount of talent and inspiration in the blogosphere and on the various forums, and it’s been a blast to come up with new little plastic men ever since – to the detriment of my wallet, I might add!
When it comes to armies, my most important project are my World Eaters,
Khorne’s Eternal Hunt, but I also own smaller detachments of Traitor Guard or kitbashed Custodes, as well as a Blood Bowl team, the Orkheim Ultraz. And I am a really big fan of the whole INQ28 movement, so I come up with all kinds of shady characters
for that setting as well.

Could you tell us your vision of Warhammer 40k/ Inq28?

Whoa, that’s quite a question there! Let’s see… To me, 40k is this enormous, eclectic universe throwing together things that normally shouldn’t mix: You’ve got science fiction mashed together with quasi-religious iconography, medieval art, renaissance stylings and a generous helping of body horror. And there is also this prevailing sense of tragedy, with everything slowly having gone to spit over a time of ten millennia –as a matter of fact, it’s so dark that it’s sometimes bizarrely hilarious as well ;)
Now where mainline 40k is all about these huge, sweeping battle scenes and the end of the world always being just around the corner, INQ28 is about the world in-between the cracks, about the shadows and the people (and creatures) that dwell there: Like “The Name of the Rose” set in the David Lynch version of Dune, if that makes any sense.
Consider, if you will, any John Blanche art from the days of 2
edition: 40k proper is the striking, but strangely medieval (and subtly disturbing) warrior dead centre. INQ28 is all about the strange and demented figures lurking in the background, the ones you wish you’d get a better look at – but then you are also happy that you don’t…
All of this is probably my rather roundabout way of saying that these settings are truly special! Unlike WFB, which sometimes seems like a collection of all possible fantasy tropes turned up to eleven to me, there’s nothing quite like 40k, nothing that will scratch exactly the same itch – which is why I am probably forever hooked on the stuff, I suppose.

 What are your main sources of inspiration?

 First and foremost, I get the most important part of my inspiration by looking at some of the amazing stuff other hobbyists come up with: Seeing marvelous models by people like PDH, Jeff Vader, GuitaRasmus, the Spiky Rat Pack or many others always makes me want to push the envelope on my own projects: We are very fortunate to have a hobby blogosphere full of amazingly talented artists, and looking at their stuff usually makes me want to create something to match that insane level of quality.

Some of the artwork and background created for the 40k universe also definitely count as a huge inspiration: John Blanche’s artwork and visions of the 40k universe are always an influence, of course, and there are all time greats like the (unwaveringly brilliant) 2nd edition Codex Chaos or the Inquisitor rulebook. And, of course, there’s always an undercurrent of possible inspiration that comes from art, literature, television or video games. If I like it and think I can use it, I’ll try to make it fit one of my projects ;)

How do you choose your paint schemes? Do you stay on a coherency or did the mini told you how it want to be painted?

 If there’s one thing that defines me from a painting perspective, it’s that I am a big fan of easy recipes: I’ll never be a Golden Demon standard painter, and I have the attention span of a very small bird when painting, so most of my painting can actually be broken down into fairly simple steps. The colour schemes I employ, then, have to be similarly straightforward and, if possible, striking. Maybe that’s why I love World Eaters so much: red and bronze look great together. Add some pale skin, and you have a winner. INQ28 models are more subtle: Pale, often sickly skin and muted tones, with lots of added grime and rust. I may not always know what I am doing when painting, but I always get a pretty good feeling what does works and doesn’t work.

What are your favourite bitz?

 I am a huge bitz addict, so this one is really a toughie. Hmm, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that I love all chaos bitz, because they help me to build new, spiky and sinister servants for the dark gods. On the other hand, I really love those disparate, eclectic bitz that seem like somebody snuck them onto the sprue while no one was looking: The little snail from the Bretonnian Men-at-arms, the owl from the Wood Elf Dryads: Stuff like that often makes for the best INQ28 accessories!

 Do you have any project on your workbench?

 More than I can count (or paint, unfortunately). The project that manages to pique my interest more than any other at the moment is assembling and painting a squad of gladiatorial World Eaters: Each model in the squad is clearly an individual, and they are all patterned after historical gladiator types or general gladiator tropes. Working on these guys has been a blast so far, and I hope I’ll end up with a standout squad!

 Last step, choose one of your minis (your favorite one) and tell us why. I'll do the same with what you made I prefer.

Again, an extremely difficult question. I usually like whatever I managed to finish last the most, at least until the next project comes rolling around. When it comes to models I am still really happy with, possibly my favourite would have to be Inquisitor Zuul, a model I built as an NPC character for last year’s
Inqvitational: Zuul was built to resemble an actual piece of artwork, which was quite a challenge. He may not be perfect, but I still think the model has quite a bit of character.




And while nobody’s looking, let me sneak in my (still unpainted) model for Lord Captain Lorimar, my supreme chaos lord: It took me ages to finally come up with a model to embody the idea of the character I had in my head, and I am still stupidly happy with the result! Now to work up the courage to actually paint him…




Ok so now, it's my turn, and one of my favorite is : Huntmaster Deracin, Keeper of the Forge. It's true that making a choice is very hard! But this one is really cool because made in the same way than a lot of Inq28 : a Wfb base for a mini wich have to fit in the 40k's universe.





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