I can't speak about Warhammer 40 000 without the most representative archetype of the game : the SPACE MARINE. This one is from my own chapter : Knights of Justice. They all are made from differents kits. I wanted to do a multi-codex army, so I've decide to include all the units I like wich are in power or terminator armour... like we are in Warhammer 50 000. Here's the fluff

 "Another betrayal... the Space wolves turned towards to the Khorne's way. With all those new troups, Kharn defeats Abaddon and became the new chaos lord. Filled with pride and hate, Kharn starts the Crimson crusade, killing everything that wasn't on his good graces. A lot of space marines chapters were wrecked and all the Chapter masters passed away. Noting this living nightmare, all the survivors from the loyalists forces decide to make a unique chapter. One for all....and all for the Emperor."


So here's the guy :